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Summit can help alleviate the challenges blending can present by offering a wide range of custom blending options.  The benefits derived from using Summit as your pre-blend/blending partner include increased production efficiency and cost savings on the purchase or repairs of costly blending equipment.  Our SQF level II facility has a Superior Rating.  We have the capability to blend from 275-gallon totes up to railcar quantities.  This facility has the capability to dry blend up to 10 products at a time.  All dry blend rooms are independently air conditioned and dehumidified. We currently toll process items such as Sodium Chlorite, Phosphoric Acid, Potassium Carbonate, Boric Acid, Calcium Stearate, Phosphates, Phosphonic Acid, Diatomaceous Earth and Food Grade Silicas.      


Today’s market challenges you to find new and creative material sources that can meet your lower cost requirements with quality product. Summit leverages our long-standing domestic and international relationships to present these new supply options to our customers. Our international work force locates and qualifies product and manufacturing facilities that meet our customers’ quality specifications. Summit aggregates the demand of all of our customers to optimize pricing and terms while maintaining local flexibility and planning of inventory. We procure the materials on your list from approved sources that meet material specifications as required by you. Save time and money by utilizing Summit to manage overseas or domestic suppliers, serving as your single point-of-contact.  Call us to see how Summit can help you optimize your supply chain and lower your manufacturing costs.

Special Packaging

Original material manufacturer packaging is often awkward to handle.  Eliminate costly down-time spent breaking down large packages into quantities that work for your production needs.  We handle the full range of packages, from 3000 pound Supersacks to 4 ounce bags. We can handle dry or liquid products and can convert product into gel-packs. Summit Resource has the capability to unload materials from rail, truck, totes or drums into a USP White Room and repackage from pails up to totes or back into tankers or railcars. Our repackage facility is Kosher and AIB certified to handle food grade products. Contact Summit to inquire about custom packaging options to better suit your individual requirements.


Economy of scale can really drive your product cost and your current facilities may not allow you to take advantage of larger volume economics.  Our facility has a 60-rail spur capacity and can provide access to Railcar and Isotainer units on both inbound and outbound terminal transfers.  Railcar, Isotainer, Tank truck, LTL, IBC/Tote, Hopper truck, drum transfers ( or any combination thereof) to or from your facility are within reach.  Our terminal is capable of handling products like Caustic Soda, KOH, Hydrochloric Acid and Diethylene Glycol, and many others.  Summit can help you expand your purchasing and shipping power to compete in todays’ market.

Warehouse / Distribution

Just-in-time inventory is a great way to lower your raw material cost, but running out of product often costs more than you can save. Every year, more manufacturers and distributors reduce their stocking levels - putting the customer further at risk for outages when they run a lean inventory. Summit helps our customers meet their JIT goals while keeping inventory within easy reach when unplanned demands emerge. We warehouse technical and food grade products across the nation. Summit has extensive industry experience and can establish min/max warehouse levels based on consumption history, lead times, and known factors affecting material supply. We are able to implement strategic stock points for individual customers. Contact Summit to see how we can help you minimize your inventory costs while maximizing your raw material security and production stability.

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